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Women in Electronics Technology Careers
Women in Electronics Technology Careers
Women in Electronics Technology Careers

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"A lot of people, including me

before I met Donna, do a lot of

things that aren't necessarily

recruitment, they're career

awareness tools. Donna really

taught us proven techniques to

grow the program."

Edie Schmidt

Professor, Technology Leadership

and Innovation/Supply Chain

Management Technology, College of Technology,

Purdue University, 

West Lafayette, I

"The training conducted by

Donna Milgram was the best

training I have ever received

because I can implement

the recruitment and

retention plans I created

specifically for my

program Computer

Information Management

(CIM) to help increase

females in technology at

Irvine Valley College!".

Roopa Mathur

Professor, Computer

Information Management,

Irvine Valley College

Irvine, CA

"The most valuable things I

received from working with

IWITTS were strategies that

have been researched and have

data to support them. There are

also many inexpensive

strategies; "inexpensive" is a

key term in these difficult

economic times. I have already

implemented retention

strategies from IWITTS with

much success. The workshop

has empowered me!"

Jessica J. du Maine,

Assistant Professor/Program

Coordinator, Electrical/Electronic

Engineering & Technology, St.

Louis Community College, 

St. Louis, MO

Purdue’s College of Technology Grew Female Enrollment from 539 to 676 (137+) after a WomenTech Training

Why I only work with school teams…

I was recently working with a community college that wants more women in its new cyber program. The head of the program teaches many courses himself. If that weren’t enough, he’s also in the middle of on-boarding several new faculty.

He is extremely committed to recruiting women to his program.

But he doesn’t have enough time for it, given all his other

overwhelming responsibilities.

He knew he had to do more to succeed at recruiting women to his Cyber Program. 

But he lacked two things:

Donna Milgram

Executive Director, Trainer

  1. A system 
  2. Personal bandwidth.

“I’m just a team of one,” he said.

Does that feel familiar?

The WomenTech Training & Coaching System changed that for him.

I require schools to participate in teams of 6 to 10 key stakeholders. I did so with his school. My input as an outside expert helped convince others to participate with him. This made all the difference.

I also helped him include internal pipeline sources of students on the team of stakeholders recruited from the College. This had enormous effects. Here’s why:

When it came time to develop the Recruitment Plan - which is done within the WomenTech Training - these stakeholders, including the internal pipeline sources, stepped up and offered to help with the plan’s implementation.

And of course anyone who helps make a plan is far more likely to implement it.

Literally almost everyone on the team is written into the plan. So, for example one of the team members will get the word out about an upcoming Women and Cyber event via the Career Center, another will get it out via the First Time College Student Orientation, and so on.

The result? You are not the one lonely, overworked person trying to do it all by yourself. (That was never going to work very long).

Each of these schools needed help recruiting women to STEM. They took the first step by enrolling in our Online Bootcamp.

Enroll in our Online Bootcamp now, and get the help you need to rapidly increase your female enrollment.

Please note, one Career Pathway per Team. Once you have the model down you can easily roll it out to other Career Pathways.

“We recruited 9 new women to Welding in only 4 weeks after participating in a WomenTech Educators Bootcamp. I got other people in my department on board and put together a team to participate. I was really surprised by just how helpful it was to have a team. 

I connected with colleagues I’ve never worked with before and now I know I can always go to them when it comes to recruiting women.”

“The Bootcamp gave us an opportunity to collaborate as a team and do some deliberate marketing and recruitment. I think getting together as a team with intention—because we're all so busy—and developing a written plan that we could stick to was what made all the difference.

In a year’s time, we had increased female enrollment in our IT & CS Department from 149 to 226 female students.

“The most valuable aspect of the training was building our team! Getting a group of people focused and thinking about retention was a good thing. 

Getting the institutional buy-in is critical. While top-level management needs to know what's going on, it's the faculty—the people actually doing the work—that you need to get on board.

Dr. John Henshaw

Michelle Levine

Sue Silverstein

Dean, Workforce Development

Mount Wachusetts Community College, Gardner, MA

Welding Instructor Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Interim District Director of Faculty Development Broward College, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of this training do I attend with other schools and what is with just my school team?

This Bootcamp is a joint training for all School Teams participating. (Maximum 4 teams). In addition, a week before your training, your team has an exclusive 90 minute orientation with Donna, at a time convenient to you. After the training, your team meets with Donna separately for your 1-Hour Recruitment & Retention Plan Feedback Calls and a 1-Hour Plan Implementation Call, at a time that meets your team’s schedule. (All this totals up to 3 hours of live coaching). 

Can my school get support after our 3 live coaching calls?

Absolutely. Donna provides 6 months of unlimited email support following the training.

"I'm a male educator. Is the Online Training right for me?"

Yes! Everyone is welcomed because we all have the same mission. My online training is a great fit for anyone of any gender who is involved in teaching STEM, especially at the community college level! Many educators of all genders, including male, have excellent results through our WomenTech Educators Training. In fact, the majority of STEM educators are male, and I have done this training in the past with 100% male attendees. My WomenTech Educators Online Training is open to all—the only thing we're focused on is laying the foundation for truly impactful change across your STEM programs.

"Sounds great Donna! But what if I'm not ready?"

You’re more ready than you know. My WomenTech Educators Program is easy to follow and I will personally lead you through it over the course of the WomenTech Educators Online Training! If you are a STEM educator dissatisfied with the number of female students in your classes and programs, you’re "ready." I'll be there for you, to teach you everything else.

Over the past 30+ years, since I founded the National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science, I've helped educators who feel they've tried everything. I’ve helped educators who don't know where to begin. No matter where you stand right now, every classroom can benefit from my proven strategies for recruiting and retaining more women in STEM.

"What if I'm too busy to attend?"

I know educators have busy schedules! That’s why I’ve packed as much value as possible into 16 hours.

I know it’s easy to get stuck in a busy cycle. But if you don’t do anything different, your results will stay the same. If you’re dissatisfied with your enrollment numbers, this online training is the perfect opportunity to achieve the results in your own program that you’ve been hearing about. Take the first step toward increasing recruitment and retention of female (and male!) students in your classes and programs.

Enrollment Open NOW For A Limited Time Only!

"What if I still have questions about the Online Training?"

“I’m happy to say it worked! Our Engineering Technology program went from 2 female students to 12 in only one semester and retention went from 50% to 100%.

After the training, Lawson State went from only 2 female students in Automotive Manufacturing Technology to 11 in just over a year.

Female enrollment went from only 1 female student to 9 out of 13 the next semester. Retention of both female and male students went from 50% to 100%.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels attempting to get more women in your program, then the WomenTech Educators Training is the way to do it.

The WomenTech Educators Training was very eye-opening, and it provided a vehicle and framework to focus our efforts.” 

I quickly found out with the WomenTech Educators program that you were guiding us through there were a lot of strategies that I had never realized we should try.”

Dr. John Henshaw

Nancy Wilson

Dean, Workforce Development

Mount Wachusetts Community College, Gardner, MA

Assistant Dean,

Career Technical Education

Lawson State Community College, Bessemer, AL

Steve Branch

Former Dean of STEM

Patrick Henry Community College Martinsville City, VA

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