This webinar takes place during the 2020 National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week led by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Webinar on Recruiting Women to Cybersecurity:

From Intention to Action

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3 common mistakes that may be sabotaging your Outreach to Women in Cybersecurity

How to avoid the ONE thing that if you get wrong, guarantees your recruitment strategies will fail

Why most attempts at outreach to women don’t lead to actual increases in enrollment—and what to do instead

The TRUE STORY of how 2 schools boosted female (and male) enrollments in Cybersecurity and IT programs after attending a WomenTech Educators Training:

*Fayetteville Technical Community College doubled female enrollment in their Cybersecurity program in only 5 months - from 12 to 22 women. Male enrollment also increased from 58 to 101

*Broward College increased female enrollment in their IT & Computer Science Department (including Cybersecurity) - by 77 women in a year’s time. Male enrollment also increased from 751 to 1009

How your school/workplace can get on track to see these same kinds of results

About Donna Milgram:

Donna Milgram has dedicated her career to helping women succeed in fields that have been traditionally dominated by men. Ms. Milgram has been a Principal Investigator on five National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. She presented at the CyberSmart Summit: North America's Only Cybersecurity Skills & Workforce Development Summit 2019, in Canada; she was part of a small group selected to participate in the Women in Cybersecurity Roundtable sponsored by New America and the National Initiative on Cybersecurity Education (NICE) in 2018; and in 2018, conducted a webinar on Recruiting Women to Cybersecurity for National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week for NICE.

Free Webinar Date: November 10, 2020

Time: 12 - 1 PM PDT / 3 - 4 PM EDT

What did 2018 webinar participants say?

  • 100% would recommend  this webinar to their colleagues
  • 100% planned to apply something they learned in their work
  • "I really enjoyed the information and the presentation was thorough and compelling" ~ 2018 Webinar Participant

"In the WomenTech Training, Donna Milgram explained why so few females enter the IT field and what we can do to attract them and this fundamentally changed the way we both approach

"The Bootcamp got us thinking intentionally about who we were going to target for outreach, how we were going to target them, and how we would follow up to make 

sure we had actual results linked to the different programs and events that we were holding. 

In a year’s time, we had increased female enrollment in our IT & CS Department from 149 to 226 female students and male enrollment had also increased from 751 to 1009 male students. 

Since then, it has grown organically and blossomed into something that our college just does naturally.”

~ Michelle Levine, Interim District Director of Faculty Development, Broward College, Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), FL brought a team to a WomenTech Online Training Bootcamp in November 2015

~ Carlos Bodden, Department Chair, Networking Technology, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC 

females when discussing career opportunities in IT and how we teach female students already enrolled. The WomenTech Training gave us the tools that allow us to be better equipped at increasing female enrollment as well as the ability to retain female students." 

"The WomenTech Educators Training helped us think outside the box for recruitment and retention of female students. The greatest benefit was seeing almost immediate results. 

~ Pamela Gibson, Dean of Engineering and Applied Technology, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC

In the first fall semester following the training, we saw overall growth in all four targeted programs."

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