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Send a Visible Message that Your School Supports Women in STEM

with our Women in Engineering and Manufacturing Role Model Banners

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We are trusted by over 500 schools who have bought our banners to support women in STEM.

 "I've started using the 'Women in Engineering' banner. It is working to get the females to come over and talk about careers in engineering!!"

Antigone, Sharris,  Coordinator, Engineering Technology Program, Triton College


  • Make your career events more appealing to prospective female students.
  • Create a female-friendly STEM Class Environment
  • Use as a back drop at female-focused Women and STEM Career Events


  • 6 feet wide by 2 feet high
  • 3 grommets on top and bottom for easy hanging
  • Rated for outdoor use
  • The watermark will not appear on the printed banner

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Item #: EngB10.1 blue

Item #: EngP10.2 purple/blue



Item #: EngMechDIB12.3 blue

Item #: EngMechDIP12.4 purple


Item #: EngMechB12.1 blue

Item #: EngMechP12.2 purple


Item #: EngMechB12.7 blue

Item #: EngMechP12.8 purple


Item #: MfgEngB1.1 blue

Item #: MfgEngP1.2 purple/blue



Item #: EngRobB12.5 blue

Item #: EngRobP12.6 purple/blue


Item #: MfgETB1.3 blue

Item #: MfgETP1.4 purple/blue



Item #: MfgPMB2.3 blue

Item #: MfgPMB2.4 purple/blue


Item #: MfgPMB2.5 blue

Item #: MfgPMB2.6 purple/blue


Item #: MfgPMB2.5 blue

Item #: MfgPMP2.5 purple/blue

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Banner Case Study

Attract women to your table at career events with our banners featuring Female Role Models in STEM

Adam Balogh and Peder Aune are instructors in the Machine Technology Program at Laney College in Oakland, California. They had an opportunity to recruit recent high school graduates to their manufacturing program at a career fair but how as men do they attract women to come over to their table to talk to them?

They hung a Women in Precision Metal Cutting Careers banner featuring female role models. It worked, in 3 hours they collected More Interest Forms from 12 women and 10 men. Said Adam, the Chair of the Department, “An all male event, discourages women from attending but a women-specific event does not discourage men from attending.”

Banners help get female students to come over to your Career Table.

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