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Get 10 Women in Construction/Automotive Role Model Banners

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Send a Visible Message that Your School Supports Women in the Trades

Are you ready to see more female students in your Construction and Automotive classes?

Buy these banners today and you can get started right away with proven, off-the-shelf recruitment materials that will help women and girls picture themselves in Construction and Automotive career pathways.


These banners will help make your career events more appealing to prospective female students.
Plus, hang the banners year-round in your school's classrooms, hallways, libraries, and around campus to send the message that women are welcome and can succeed in these careers.


Each banner is 6 feet wide by 2 feet high and includes 3 grommets on top and bottom for easy hanging. Rated for outdoor use.

*The watermark will not appear on the printed banner.

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Banner Case Study

Attract women to your table at career events with our banners featuring bold and vibrant women working in manufacturing & engineering careers.

Adam Balogh and Peder Aune are instructors in the Machine 

Technology Program at Laney College in Oakland, California and 

lead their Department’s WomenTech initiative to increase female 

enrollment. They had an opportunity to recruit high school graduates

to their manufacturing program at a career fair but how as men do they

attract women to come over to their table to talk to them?

They hung a Women in Precision Metal Cutting Careers banner 

featuring female role models. It worked, in 3 hours

they collected More Interest Forms from 12 women and 10 men. Said

Adam, the Chair of the Department, “An all male event, discourages

women from attending but a women-specific event does not discourage 

men from attending.”

An intentional decision was made by the WomenTech team to not use the term “Manufacturing” on the banner because unfortunately that conjures up an image of monotonous low-paid work and the field historically has not been a friendly one for female employees. Precision Metal Cutting on the other hand sounds interesting, calls out the “Maker” aspect of the career, and seems like it could potentially be lucrative. In fact, graduates of this program start at $55k - $87k + benefits with only a certificate and have a 100% placement rate.

Women bring a different perspective to the classroom and the workplace. Don't let them miss out on the possibility of a high paying career in Manufacturing or Engineering. It's up to you to show them what they could achieve and help them see themselves in these careers.

Banners help get female students interested in STEM and CTE.


"There was a big difference in how we recruited for our 1st cohort of Pre-Apprentices—which had no women—and our 2nd cohort that had 7. We thought it would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. The first time we partnered with community-based organizations to help us with recruitment, but after the WomenTech Training I realized we weren't welcoming to women.

The WomenTech Training gave us a robust Version 2.0 Outreach Strategy. We had an entire platform and the messaging including: a Women and Automotive website, flyers featuring female role models, and a fact sheet with talking points about why automotive and apprenticeship is a good field for women. Plus, we had 3 Women in Automotive Meet & Greets with female automotive technicians. 

The knowledgebase that IWITTS provided us on how to build an outreach strategy that targeted women helped us to tap existing resources within the college and led to our great resultsfrom 0 to 7 women in the Automotive Pre-Apprenticeship program in 2.5 months.” 

~ Monique Forster Pascual, Director of Apprenticeship & Instructional Service Agreements, Workforce Development, CCSF, CA hosted a 2018 WomenTech Educators Onsite Training: Customized to Automotive, Apprenticeship, Grant Goals and Timeline, and created the Outreach Platform including Banners.

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