How Female Friendly Is Your STEM/CTE Program?

Find Out Your Grade in Only 20 Minutes

WomenTech Gender Equity School Assessment funded by the National Science Foundation

Gauge how female friendly your college's STEM/CTE programs are by taking the free WomenTech Gender Equity School Assessment.


In 20 minutes, you can assess your school's readiness to recruit and retain women in your STEM/CTE career pathways. It’s that simple. Click on "Take the FREE Assessment" and submit the form.


You will be redirected to assessment survey. Score Your Program! Simply fill out the survey to take the assessment right now or save the assessment link and you can finish it later.


Your STEM/CTE program will get a "grade" and a printout to measure how your school compares to existing best practices on broadening participation for women and any existing gaps.

What educators are saying about the Assessment!

As I was going through the questions, almost every other question made me stop and think: "Wow, I never thought of the impact this behavior could have on recruitment and retention for women and minorities in STEM; and even better, "I know exactly how to implement this, and very simply, on my campus" or "I know exactly who to contact that can get this done in a snap!" THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

“Taking the assessment indicates that I had the general motivation in advance. Taking the assessment has suggested specific actions that I can take.”

"Most of us are open to being inclusive, fair to all minorities and helping everyone equally—thus unintentionally applying a 'one way fits all' approach. However, this Assessment opened my eyes to the need to systematically track and monitor the successes of each minority. I now realize each might require a different approach. The Assessment asked questions relevant to my electronics technology career pathway, so I didn’t have to answer generic questions. It proved that, for better results, we need to address minorities in a more targeted way. Thanks."

Nina Jagaric

Professor, Electronics Engineering Technology, Centennial College

The results are in for the WomenTech Gender Equity School Assessment...


89%  reported that it raised their awareness of factors that affect gender equity in STEM/CTE programs.


86% of respondents reported it helped me understand what my college needs to do to improve gender equity in our STEM/CTE programs


90% said that it helped them see the gap between what their schools are doing and what they could be doing to broaden female participation in STEM/CTE


The National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science (IWITTS) has been helping educators nationwide close the gender gap for women and girls in technology since 1994. IWITTS provides tools, resources, and professional development for educators to help them broaden female participation in STEM and CTE programs where they are underrepresented. 

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